WaterVision, LLC is a joint venture of four firms:

WaterVision is in the process of obtaining a GSA schedule.  We offer efficient, high-quality surface water assessment and restoration services.

WaterVision Partners

Ken HickeyKen Hickey, Managing Partner. Mr. Hickey has been conducting TMDL development and implementation projects, water quality monitoring and nonpoint source control projects, and watershed restoration projects throughout New England for the past 15 years.  Mr. Hickey served as program manager providing technical and facilitation support to EPA Region 1 TMDL and NPS programs from 2004-2006 and from 2008-2011.  He has successfully designed, managed and completed 100s of TMDL projects associated with nutrients, bacteria, aquatic life impairment, and temperature.  Mr. Hickey’s areas of expertise include water quality data analysis and modeling, nonpoint source pollutant load estimation, stormwater impact assessment and abatement, and coastal resource assessment.

Danna TruslowDanna Truslow, C.G., P.G., Partner. Ms. Truslow is a groundwater, surface water hydrologist and natural resource planner who has worked in New England and nationally for more than 25 years. Her specialty is restoration hydrology. She has been wading in or studying streams, rivers, lakes estuaries and groundwater throughout New England for much of that time. She has completed multiple stream and river evaluation, hydrologic measurement, and restoration projects in New England.  She also provides hydrologic review and consulting services for municipalities. Ms. Truslow previously served as executive director of the Seacoast Land Trust and she was honored with the Gulf of Maine visionary award in 2003. She works with agencies, organizations and municipalities on water and natural resource evaluation and restoration, planning and management.

Marie EstenMarie Esten, Partner. Ms. Esten has over 15 years of experience in the areas of watershed assessment and restoration, GIS analysis, and water quality and biological data collection and analysis. She has extensive experience integrating GIS with field and modeling data to produce quality maps and graphics accessible to both the general public and scientific community. Ms. Esten has extensive experience working in the lakes, ponds and estuaries in New England on nutrient management issues and with sediment nutrient flux evaluations on several New England marine and freshwater systems. Recently, she has focused on watershed nutrient mass balance models to predict nutrient loading to surface and groundwater resources in Rhode Island.

Drew CareyDrew Carey, Ph.D., Partner. Dr. Carey is a marine environmental scientist with over thirty year’s experience in benthic ecology, sedimentology, water quality and biological monitoring and assessment, and marine policy. Dr. Carey has led estuarine assessments and data collection in California, Alaska, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He is very familiar with NEP programs, recently leading the development of a 10 year planning document for the Long Island Sound Study: SoundVision, and facilitating the NEP national meeting. He has supported numerous projects associated with watershed pollutant loading and resutling impacts to estuarine habitats.

Peter ShanahanPeter Shanahan, Ph.D., P.E., Partner, Dr. Shanahan is a Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dr. Shanahan has over thirty-five years of experience in environmental consulting and academic research.  He has conducted over 200 environmental assessments in New England including a wide variety of projects involving analysis and computer modeling of water quality, hydrology, and hydraulics in surface-water systems.  Dr. Shanahan is the author of numerous technical papers on water-quality modeling and is co-author of RWQM1 (River Water Quality Model 1) published by the International Water Association.  Dr. Shanahan has advanced degrees in environmental engineering and earth sciences from MIT and Stanford University and is a registered professional engineer in Massachusetts and Maine.

Bruce JacobsBruce Jacobs, Ph.D., P.E., Partner. Dr. Jacobs is an environmental engineer with twenty-four years of experience in environmental consulting.  He has conducted surface water data analysis and modeling projects throughout New England.  His areas of expertise include stormwater management, surface water quality, ground-water hydrology, and contaminant transport.  Recent investigations have included surface water modeling in support of a TMDL investigation for the Maine DEP and an analysis of the Fitchburg combined sewer system. Dr. Jacobs has Ph.D. in environmental engineering from MIT and is a registered professional engineer in Massachusetts.

WaterVision has a full staff of junior and mid-level scientists and engineers who routinely conduct field data collection, data analysis and compilation, GIS-based analysis, and report writing tasks.